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  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Mindfulness training


I am a licensed psychologist who supports adults in creating optimal physical and emotional well-being in their lives. I emphasize holistic practices that increase awareness and change unhelpful habits.

Many of the people I see come in feeling depressed, angry, anxious,overwhelmed and/or confused about what in going on in their lives or in their relationships. Many have noticed a lack of motivation or energy and may be living with a health condition that is negatively affecting them. Others may be functioning pretty well but are going through a transition, looking for better ways of coping or are struggling with a particular issue or situation. After some time in therapy, people I work with report increased self-acceptance, improved mood and outlook, and use of new skills that benefit their home and work life. 

I work to provide a safe and caring environment where people can talk, feel their feelings and develop a greater understanding of themselves. From this place of greater understanding, people are better able to incorporate small changes in their thinking and in their behavior which can help alleviate the symptoms that initially brought them in. Once these initial symptoms have improved, it often paves the way for additional work for ongoing change and transformation.

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